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Pal, Ma, r S.rl is a company located in Piazza Epiro 17a in Rome and has 25 operators hired on a regular basis with the application of the sector's CCNL. Its fleet is made up of 17 units of prestigious brands such as Mercedes, Bmw, Opel.



Only reservations with request at 12h from the date of transfer are allowed. Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email to your box indicated during the booking process. It is recommended to carefully check all the details before making the payment, in the event that there is incorrect or inconsistent information, one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible, in order to make the necessary modification for the exact execution of the booked transfer. All bookings are managed by our partner in Tripaca by Ma.Ste.R. Travel Srls



Once booked and therefore made the payment, the transport service will be canceled within 72 hours before the start of the service with a penalty of € 0.00. Just send an email to inserting the references of the reservation to be canceled and one of our operators will refund the entire amount on the card inserted during the compilation phase.

If the cancellation request occurs after 72 hours from the beginning of the service (with the same procedure as above), the penalty will be 100% of the total price of the booking, or will not be refundable.



All our operators are Italian and answer from Italy.



All bookings are managed from the moment they are received from our website and all operators check the data entered, suggesting, in case, the appropriate changes to the hourly details and everything that entails a more correct execution according to your transportation requirement. You will be assigned a personal driver who will follow you throughout the journey, while from the offices you will have a dedicated person who you can contact at any time and for any need even during the journey in order to improve and / or modify it according to your needs.

All our drivers are provided with individual protection following the precautionary measures undertaken by our government, aimed at countering the contagion of COVID-19. Furthermore, through an internal app, they will be able to communicate all the movements related to the service simultaneously, in order to give you and us real-time information on the performance of the service, reporting the following steps:


  • left for the service

  • in position

  • customer taken

  • customer left at destination


All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices in order to facilitate transport. This signal will be constantly monitored by our operations center, in order to be able to detect traffic conditions, accidents, etc. in real time, so as to be able to intervene with suggestions to the driver, who will be put in a position to avoid such unexpected events and / or unforeseen events.



Our drivers will wait for you in the airport halls for one hour (1) from the flight landing and at the end, in case of your absence of prior communication, will be required to abandon the service by communicating it in advance to the operators of the operating department, who , before accepting the no-show they will try to communicate with you through the contacts left during the booking process. In case of no-show, the service charge will be 100% of the total transfer price.

Below is the list of expectations:


  • airport transfers: 1 hour waiting for the customer from the flight landing

  • airport transfers: 1/2 hour of customer waiting

  • transfers from stations: 1/2 hour of waiting for the customer from the arrival of the train

  • transfers to stations: 1/2 hour of customer waiting

  • hotel transfers,

B&B, private homes: 1/2 hour of customer waiting



Pal.Mar. Team



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